Health and Safety procedures are standard elements of all workplaces, but accidents at work still occur. Your first thought when suffering an accident at work is the consequences to your physical wellbeing, and that is ours too. We want you to get back to work as soon as possible, but we can also ensure that any financial compensation you are rightfully due from your injuries, is claimed back.

Accident at work in London

An accident at work in London can just result in a minor injury, or a few days off work, but in extreme cases you may no longer be able to carry out the same job you did previously, as a result of your injuries, and this can affect your future career. You may not even be able to return to work at all, and this can have a devastating effect physically, mentally and financially. So we offer:

  • Advice from qualified, specialist solicitors
  • A programme of recovery, fitness and rehabilitation
  • Constant communication
  • Mediation with your employer
  • A high level of successful results

Accidents at work in London

As a well-respected accident at work solicitors in London, we have built a solid reputation for the quality of our service. We don’t put people under pressure to make a claim against their employer, we recognise this is a personal choice. However, we do take pride in representing real people, and you deserve the basic right to work, and in a safe environment.

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Accidents at work are very common, so reporting them and claiming the compensation you deserve ensures actions are taken to prevent repeats and solve recurring failings.