What Clinical Negligence Have You Suffered In Harrogate?

Healthcare is hugely important to all of us, and when we are unwell, require surgery, are having a baby or when we have an elderly relative in care, we rely heavily on the skills and advice we receive. However, when things go wrong we are left with a situation that can be distressing and sometimes life-changing. Healthcare professionals have a duty of care to their patients and clinical negligence is the result when this is breached.

The results of clinical negligence can be very damaging, and the sad reality is that these cases are more common than you realise. It is true that honest mistakes can often be made, but also the standard of some care is very poor or is careless and inattentive, so there is usually a root cause that means someone is in error.

clinical negligence in harrogate

Clinical negligence can include a wide variety of incidents and patterns of care, but is generally classed as:

  • Injuries to a baby during the childbirth process
  • Delayed or inappropriate treatment (sometimes over a period of time)
  • Diagnosing the wrong treatment, surgery or medicine
  • Errors during surgery

Clinical negligence in Harrogate

Often, some financial compensation does not fully make up for what can be a lifetime of subsequent difficulty and discomfort, but you have a right to have errors and mistreatment recognised, whether your medical treatment was private or via the NHS. Any clinical negligence in Harrogate can be compensated for, so contact us today and we can attempt to establish if and how we can help. It needs to be proven that clear negligence has taken place which has directly resulted in your current level of suffering, so our first objective is to listen to the facts of your case and establish if you have solid grounds for a claim.

We have a team of dedicated clinical negligence professionals who share expert knowledge, offer approachable and friendly advice and deliver results through diligent and efficient procedures. Our primary aim is to ensure you are compensated for the suffering you are enduring, and we also hope our work with you prevents incidents of similar negligence happening again.

Through our free consultation we can work out the best way to proceed with your case, so contact us today by phone or by using our online contact form.

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