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Naturalisation and the ‘CSI problem’

As the reality of Brexit bites, many EU nationals and their non-EU family members are looking to naturalise as British. However, a series of Home Office guidance documents released this year, ‘clarifying’ how Home Office [...]

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Coronavirus and UK Immigration – Live Updates

As with most areas of life, the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on the UK’s immigration system is far-reaching.  In this regularly updated blog, we monitor the key developments around immigration, including those that may [...]

At Truth Legal, we have one of the UK’s leading immigration teams offering immigration advice for individuals and businesses.

Truth Legal provide clear, cost-effective immigration advice to individuals seeking to enter or remain in the UK. We also help employers that want to recruit or retain any person that requires permission to live or work in the UK.

Immigration is a fast-changing area of law for EU and non-EU citizens alike. Non-EU individuals have, for some time, faced an increasingly complex system of immigration control and have had to navigate strict rules and evidential requirements.

Now that the UK has left the EU, and with free movement ceasing after 31 December 2020, EU nationals will also face tighter immigration restrictions. Many EU nationals and their family members are now looking to secure their immigration status as soon as possible. This could be by registering under the EU Settlement Scheme or by obtaining British citizenship.

Employers may need to navigate the tricky sponsor licence system, if they want to hire or retain a worker from outside the EU. Meanwhile, in light of Brexit, employers need to understand the new EU Settlement Scheme for at least two reasons: to help their EU staff and for effective recruitment planning.

Immigration for Individuals

Some of our immigration for individuals services include:

See our immigration pricing for individuals here.

Immigration for Businesses

We provide clear, cost-effective immigration advice to businesses across Yorkshire and throughout the UK.

We understand that hiring the right person for the job is central to any company’s success; however, immigration is a complex and fast-changing area of law and businesses face ever increasing challenges when looking to recruit foreign workers. Employers must obtain a Sponsor Licence in order to sponsor non-EU workers, often a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence, and must ensure compliance with Home Office rules (including duties relating to sponsorship and the prevention of illegal working).

In addition, Brexit is increasingly leading employers to try to secure the rights of their EU employees as soon as possible and to plan for life without free movement.

We provide expert, tailored advice to guide our clients through the process of hiring overseas workers, so our clients can focus on getting the right person for the job.

Some of our services include:

Furthermore, as we do not solely specialise in immigration for businesses, our breadth of knowledge allows us to find routes for employees under a non-business route.

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