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At Truth Legal, we have one of the UK’s leading immigration experts offering immigration advice for individuals and businesses.

Truth Legal provides clear, cost-effective immigration advice to individuals seeking to enter or remain in the UK.

We understand that immigration is a fast-changing area of law for EU and non-EU citizens alike. Non-EU individuals must navigate an ever more complex system of immigration control, usually through the Points-Based System. In addition, uncertainty around Brexit is increasingly leading EU workers to try to secure their rights as early as possible, and to plan for life post-Brexit.

As a result, our immigration expert, Louis MacWilliam, regularly provides advice to EU nationals, medium and highly skilled workers, investors, entrepreneurs, family members, and individuals applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain, or looking to obtain British Citizenship.

Immigration for Individuals

Some of our immigration for individuals services include:

British Citizenship Applications
• EU Settlement Scheme
• Permanent residence documents
• Family members under Appendix FM (including partners and children)
• Challenging Home Office decisions by Administrative Review, Appeal, or Judicial Review
• Applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain
• Visit Visa Applications
• Obtaining a Tier 1 Visa (as an entrepreneur or investor)
• Obtaining a Tier 2 and Tier 5 visas

Immigration for Businesses

We provide clear, cost-effective immigration advice to businesses across Yorkshire and throughout the UK.

immigration solicitorsWe understand that hiring the right person for the job is central to any company’s success; however, immigration is a complex and fast-changing area of law and businesses face ever increasing challenges when looking to recruit foreign workers.

Employers must obtain a Sponsor Licence in order to sponsor non-EU workers, and must ensure compliance with Home Office rules (including duties relating to sponsorship and the prevention of illegal working).

In addition, uncertainty around Brexit is increasingly leading employers to try to secure the rights of their EU employees as soon as possible and to plan for life post-Brexit.

We provide expert, tailored advice to guide our clients through the process of hiring foreign workers, so our clients can focus on getting the right person for the job.

Some of our services include:

• Sponsor Licences and sponsoring non-EU Nationals
• Right to Work
• Preparing for Brexit – securing the rights of EU citizen employees
• Assistance for employees to obtain their Tier 2 and Tier 5 Visas
• Immigration Audits and Training

Furthermore, as we do not solely specialise in immigration for businesses, our breadth of knowledge allows us to find routes for employees under a non-business route.

Immigration Pricing Information

Immigration Applications – Type of ServiceFees Range (excluding VAT)
Consultation by appointment£200-£645
Family based application under Appendix FM for Entry Clearance/Leave to Remain or Indefinite Leave to Remain£1,290-£1,720
Private Life Application/complex human rights/outside the Immigration Rules Application£1,505-£2,150
Application for Indefinite Leave to Remain under the 10-year Rule£1,290-£1,720
Applications for an EEA Residence Card for a partner or child of an EEA national£860-£1,290
Applications for Permanent Right of Residence document£860-£1,505
EEA Application based on a Retained Right of Residence£1,720-£2,150
Application under the EU Settlement Scheme£215-£1,935
EEA Application for an extended family member£1,935-£2,580
Application for British Citizenship£860-£1,290
Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) or Tier 1 (Investor)£3,225-£6,450
Tier 2 and Tier 4 Application under the Points Based System – Initial Application/further leave/Indefinite Leave to Remain£860-£1,720
PBS Dependant’s Visa – applying separately from/with the main Applicant)£300-£1,000
Letter Before Claim£645-£1,075
Attendance at a local Premium Service Centre£500
Court/Tribunal Work – Type of ServiceFee Range (excluding VAT)
Bail Applications to the First Tier Tribunal£1,075-£1,505
Representation at Bail Hearings (excluding advocacy)£645-£1,290
Lodging grounds of Appeal to the First Tier Tribunal£645-£1,075
Court representation in the First Tier Tribunal (excluding advocacy)£3,225-£4,300
Applications for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal (excluding drafting of grounds by counsel)£430
Representation in the Upper Tribunal (excluding advocacy)£860-£1,505

* The above prices are estimates based on our hourly rate of £215 per hour plus VAT. This is the hourly rate of Head of Immigration, Louis MacWilliam.

We have provided a range of pricing which reflects the fact that some cases take longer than others. For example, if your case is particularly complex and/or has a high volume of documents for us to read then our estimate is likely to be at the higher end of the range. We may exceptionally give you an estimate outside of this range.

We will on occasion provide work for a Fixed Fee, within the above ranges.


You are liable for any disbursements which arise during the course of your case. A disbursement is a payment which we make to a third party on your behalf. Common disbursements include counsel fees, interpreting and translation.

Scope of work


As part of the consultation we will either attend with you in person, or by telephone or video link, to take detailed instructions. We will review relevant documentation and then provide detailed advice orally and in writing. We will consider which routes are available to you and the relevant application process and supporting documentation required.

Immigration Applications

We will provide an initial consultation as above. We will then assist you in the preparation and submission of the relevant Application. This includes reviewing supporting documents and the Application, drafting representations, and sending the documents to the Home Office.

Court/Tribunal work

  • Bail Application
    Preparing the Bail Application and Grounds of Bail.
  • Representation at Bail Hearings
    Preparing the Bail Application, including advising on required documents, reviewing documents, and submitting documents to the Tribunal. Also includes briefing counsel. Note that a separate fee will be payable to Counsel.
  • Lodging Grounds of Appeal to the First Tier Tribunal
    Completing the relevant Appeal Form and drafting separate Grounds of Appeal.
  • Court representation in the First Tier Tribunal
    Advising and reviewing required documents, drafting witness statements, preparing bundle, briefing Counsel, and all work up to a decision from the Tribunal.
  • Applications for Permission to Appeal to the Upper Tribunal
    Preparing Application for Permission to Appeal to the Upper Tribunal and liaising with Counsel. Note that a separate fee will likely be payable for Counsel to draft grounds.
  • Representation in the Upper Tribunal
    Preparing a supplementary bundle and liaising with Counsel.