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Applying For a Hong Kong BNO Visa to the UK

On 31 January 2021, the UK opened its doors to Hong Kong residents with British National Overseas status, looking to escape Hong Kong’s increasingly draconian laws. Boris Johnson proved he can in fact keep a [...]

Truth Legal provide training to a variety of organisations on different aspects immigration law and practice.

Louis MacWilliam heads up the Truth Legal Immigration Team and is an experienced trainer.  He has provided training to immigration advisors through the Immigration Law Practitioners Association.  He has provided training to a wide range of members associations, charities, HR departments and a variety of businesses.

We can provide training either in our offices, on-site or online.  Our training has covered the following areas:

  • General Immigration overview
  • Brexit, EU citizens’ rights and the EU Settlement Scheme
  • Sponsoring non-EU nationals under a sponsor licence
  • Right to Work
  • The future of Immigration (post 2021 changes)

We also periodically run free immigration training to various sectors.  If you are interested in immigration training contact us today.

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