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If you have a client with an immigration matter, then Truth Legal can help you, to help your client.

immigration law

Immigration is a niche area of law that is constantly changing. Maintaining expertise in immigration is a full-time job. Unlike most law firms, we have a dedicated team focused purely on immigration. We have developed close links with several law firms and work with them in two main ways:

Instructing Truth Legal as specialist immigration consultants

You might want to keep your client in respect of their immigration matter, whilst retaining us for specialist advice, as and when you need. In this case, we will act as specialist immigration consultants for you, our client.

Immigration law can cross over into other areas, most commonly employment law. Perhaps you are an employment lawyer that wants to assist your client with a sponsor licence application but are not fully confident about the application process. In this example, our immigration specialists would be available to help you navigate this tricky area. What is a complex immigration matter for you, is routine for us: sponsor licence applications are one of our main areas of work.

If you set up a retainer with Truth Legal, you can ask targeted questions and access our wealth of knowledge, in a way which can be surprisingly cost-effective.

Benefits of retaining us as immigration specialists

  • You keep full control of your client
  • Ask us targeted, specific questions around immigration and we will advise you efficiently and effectively
  • Under our guidance you can master this area in your own right (so next time you might not need us)

Referring your client to us

Alternatively, you might wish simply to refer your client to us, in respect of their immigration matter. We will then enter a retainer with your client in respect of their immigration matter.

If you refer your client to us, you have our word that we will not try and entice your client into taking other legal services from us. We are happy to enter a formal non-approaching agreement if desired, although you can be assured that our good relations and reputation with other firms hinges on us being good for our word.

Benefits of referring your client to us

  • You can leave your client in the safe hands of genuine immigration experts
  • You have our guarantee we will not try to entice your client into other areas of law
  • Avoid this complex, everchanging and time-consuming area of law!

Training you to become the immigration expert

We can provide specialist training to law firms on any area of immigration law. Areas that we have regularly provided training on, include sponsor licences, Brexit and Right to Work.

Our immigration trainer and Head of Immigration, Louis MacWilliam, has over 12 years’ immigration experience and teaches Immigration Law to law students, part-time. Learn from our experts and become immigration specialists yourselves.

Contact us

We love to hear from fellow practitioners. If you would like to discuss in confidence how we can help you and your client, please contact our Head of Immigration, Louis MacWilliam.

Why work with Truth Legal?

  • We are genuine immigration experts. (Our head of Immigration is a part-time lecturer on immigration law)
  • We guarantee we will not entice your client into any other legal service we provide.
  • Whether instructing us as a consultant, or referring the case to us, our service is cost-effective

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