At Truth Legal, we have partnered with a leading intellectual property law firm, Andrew Clay Legal, to offer expert legal advice.


Your intellectual property matters. We can help you protect your creative assets.

Andrew Clay Legal can help you with the following:-

  • Registering trade marks and designs
  • Enforcing your IP rights informally and through court action
  • Defending IP infringement claims
  • Licensing IP rights
  • IP ownership disputes
  • Freedom to operate searching and analysis

Registering Trade Marks and Designs

A trade mark can be a name, symbol, design or word that identifies your business. Having a registered trade mark means that your brand is protected and it prevents unfair competition. Your trade mark, or design, can be an important business asset, therefore seeking expert intellectual property advice is key.

Defending IP Infringement Claims

When you need to defend your intellectual property, you need a solicitor that can guide you through the process. If someone has used your intellectual property (IP) without permission, this is infringement and you can look to claim financial compensation for intellectual property infringement.

Licensing IP Rights

As the intellectual property owner, you may decide to license your IP as this can often help a business expand into new markets and geographical areas, whilst also enhancing your reputation. By giving another person the right to use your intellectual property, drawing up an IP licence agreement is important and will protect your business.

IP Ownership Disputes

andrew clay - intellectual property solicitor

Sometimes, disputes can seem unavoidable.  When you are dealing with intellectual property such as patents and trade marks, these can be important business assets and if another business infringes your IP, you need to take action. This is essentially a commercial dispute and getting expert legal advice to resolve an IP ownership dispute is vital.

For expert advice about copyright, trade marks, designs, patents and the law of confidentiality please contact Andrew at [email protected]

Meet Andrew Clay

Andrew Clay is a specialist IP lawyer with over 30 years’ experience. He was head of the IP team at Squire Patton Boggs, one of the world’s largest law firms, for many years and is a specialist copyright judge and an editor of one of the leading textbooks on patent law.