Andrew Gray has recently been featured in the Harrogate Advertiser discussing the post-Covid impact of businesses choosing to allow their staff to continue to work from home.

In the article, Andrew confirmed that staff at Truth Legal have returned to the head office at 14 Victoria Avenue, with safety measures and social distancing in place. He believes it is in “everyone’s interests to get back to normal”.

Commenting on this, he said:

“The businesses of Harrogate must return to the office in a safe way, for our town needs our presence and our cash. The pandemic has revealed that, economically, we are all inextricably connected.

On a practical level, the duty of any professional person is to train the next generation. Such training cannot all take place by Zoom, email or telephone.”

Read the full story on The Harrogate Advertiser website.

Harrogate Advertiser September 3 2020 A


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