As a qualified legal professional, it is a solicitor’s job to support their clients with regard to their legal issues by providing expert legal advice. Clients can range from single members of the public to large organisations. Typical employers of solicitors consist of, private practice law firms, the Crown Prosecution Service, local authorities and legal departments of large organisations (known as ‘in-house’ work).

Solicitors cover a range of legal areas and issues when acting on behalf of their clients, some examples of such include:

Protecting Individuals Rights

Personal Issues

  • Drafting and providing advice regarding wills and probate.
  • Helping couples through divorce proceedings and family matters.

Criminal law matters

  • Advising individuals who have been arrested by the police.

Property law

  • Providing information and helping those wishing to buy and sell residential properties.

Commercial Work

  • Drawing up business contracts
  • Helping solve a range of business disputes.

Once instructed by a client, the solicitor will draw out the legal issues which require addressing in order to establish a way forward and a path to the best possible resolution. In doing so, a solicitor’s practical duties include:

  • Handling the legal paperwork involved in a case such as letters and emails, court documents and contracts etc.
  • Meeting and negotiating with clients and other professionals to try and resolve matters in the best way possible for their client.
  • Acting on behalf of clients in court and/or instruct barristers to do so.
  • Calculating the value of compensation, damages and maintenance claims.

As well as the above, it is also possible for solicitors to carry out ‘pro bono’ work which involves giving free legal help and support to those who can’t afford to pay for the services themselves. If you are looking for a solicitors in Harrogate, York, London, Manchester or nationwide, or if you are looking to switch solicitors, please contact us for a free consultation.

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