As one of the UK’s most honest and ethical law firms, you’ll always find lots of useful legal advice on our website, for free. We want to help you get expert advice without the unnecessary jargon and now we have created these Legal Guides to help tell you everything you need to know about specific personal injury or employment law claims.

free legal adviceOur Legal Guides are easy to read, easy to understand and give you lots of useful information to help you decide how to proceed with a case.

Have you had an accident at work? If so, you need to read our “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Accidents at Work” Legal Guide – it’s packed full of expert legal advice and it’s 100% free!

Perhaps you’ve been the subject of an unfair dismissal and you’re looking for advice on the next steps. Read our free unfair dismissal guide before you do anything else – it will tell you how the claim process works and what we advise.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be adding more Legal Guides so we encourage you to check back regularly and find your next useful free advice guide from Truth Legal solicitors.