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Dear Sirs

Letter of grievance

I write to lodge a formal complaint about various issues I experienced at work, explained below.

As you know, I have been employed by the Company as a Warehouse Operator for 3 years and I have had a clean disciplinary record, with no complaints against me. The issue which led me to lodge this grievance concerns bullying and sex discrimination which first started around September/October 2017.

On 1 September 2017, John Smith joined the company as a Warehouse Operative. At first, we got on well and I was happy to offer John help and show him how to complete tasks. However, a few weeks later, John became hostile towards me. I had no idea what has brought this on.

As the weeks went by, John’s hostility grew. On one occasion, in late September, as John and I worked side by side on the production line 5, I passed a box to John and in the process my fingers accidently touched his hand. He dropped the box and exclaimed: “Don’t touch me, you fag!”. I was shocked and appalled by this. Before I could even react, John just stormed off saying that he is going on his break now.

I tried speaking to John on a few occasions following this incident, but we would not speak to me, often ignoring me completely. On 10 October 2017, when I arrived at work, I saw John talking to our colleague, Robert Green. I went over to greet them, but they just laughed at me and told me to stay away from them. I was very confused about their behaviour, however, I went on with my work as normal.

Since then, I have been alienated by the team; both John and Robert would make passing homophobic comments directed at me. I tried to resolve this issue informally by speaking to my line manager, Tom Williams, however, he just told me to “man-up” and “sort things out amongst ourselves”.

The homophobic remarks have intensified in the last few months and, recently, John has become threatening towards me. He has sent me a text message on 1 December 2017, in which he said that I should resign as this is not a job for “gays” and if I don’t I will “see what happens”. I attach a screenshot of the message to this letter.

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