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IN THE PROPOSED ACTION                                                                                               CLAIM NO: TBC






                                                          CLAIMANT’S SCHEDULE OF LOSS

The Claimant claims for personal injuries and associated losses suffered as a result of a road traffic accident on ………………

1.       Care and Assistance

The Claimant claims for one hour of care and assistance per week for a period of eight weeks. The Claimant required assistance with domestic chores from her husband, (insert name).

1.5 hours per day x 6 weeks x £6.50 per hour                                                                              £490.50

2.       Medical Expenses

The Claimant claims for over-the-counter painkillers used to treat her injuries.               £25.00

3.       Travel Expenses

The Claimant incurred additional travel expenses as a result of her injuries. Mileage is claimed at £0.45 per mile.

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