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Claim No:








Relevant Information

Claimant’s date of birth:                                                11/09/1982

Date of commencement of employment:              19/04/2012

Date of termination of employment:                       29/09/2015

Net weekly salary:                                                            £253.22 (approx.)

Compensation for Injury to Feelings

The Claimant contends that he was subjected to discrimination upon the basis of his sexual orientation. The Claimant was signed off work by his doctor on 18th August 2015 due to work related problems and stress.  The Claimant contends that the discrimination was sufficiently serious to warrant top end of the top band of Vento/Da’Bell award, as the Claimant resigned from his job because of the discrimination, serving his notice period.

The Claimant claims £25,000.

Compensation for Personal Injuries

As a result of the discrimination, the Claimant sustained a recognised psychiatric condition. The Claimant seeks compensation as per the appropriate Judicial College Guidelines bracket. It is noted that the Claimant was signed off work by his doctor as a result of work-related stress and that an occupational health assessment was recommended. The Claimant reserves the right to amend this head of claim if it becomes necessary to do so upon receipt of any medical report relevant to his claim in due course.

For indication purposes only, the Claimant is likely to seek an award of £8,000.

Loss of Statutory Rights

The Claimant claims £400 due to his loss of statutory rights.

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Schedule of loss unfair dismissal and sexual orientation claim
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