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Whatever your profession, work is very important to all of us; for our everyday lives, for our future, our families and for personal ambitions and goals. When problems occur at work they can turn into bigger issues, affecting our performance at work, our health and our relationships.

All employers are bound by specific legal duties and obligations and likewise, employees have many different rights in terms of information they should be given and ways in which they should be treated at work. When these duties and obligations are not fulfilled you need to know and understand your rights and where you might be able to make an employment law claim, and at Truth Legal we are here to help you with that.

When can I make an employment law claim?

When you are treated wrongly at work there can be a sense of injustice and humiliation. Often an employee may feel they have been unfairly dismissed because of a misunderstanding, because proper procedures have not been followed or because they have been discriminated against.


Discrimination can take many forms; for instance, it could be because of your age, your sex, your health or your physical or mental ability (there are 9 protected characteristics in law). In order to begin an employment law claim you do not necessarily have to have been dismissed. You can be discriminated against in other ways, such as by being moved to a different job without consultation whilst off sick or because you have returned from having a baby, or your hours could be cut for the same reasons. Alternatively, you may feel you have been subjected to harassment.

If there is any way that your working life is being made difficult due to reasons that you believe to be unfair or discriminatory, then you may be able to make an employment law claim. Many cases involve redundancyunfair dismissalconstructive dismissalwrongful dismissal and unpaid wages. In all these cases we can help you understand your rights and establish whether you have grounds to make an employment law claim.

How does the no win, no fee employment law claims process work?

When assessing employment law claims it is very important that you act quickly and contact us as soon as you suspect you have been treated unfairly. We can then assess your claim so that we can establish some facts and advise how successful your claim is likely to be.

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Should we agree that you have grounds for making a successful employment law claim then we may proceed on a no win, no fee basis.

We have dedicated and experienced staff in our head office in Harrogate and Leeds who understand how difficult your life can become through employment issues, so we can listen sympathetically and give you trusted, independent advice on how to proceed.

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