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Introducing ONRECORD, a new evidence gathering app to help you with your legal case.

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We have partnered with app creators, ONRECORD to introduce a simple and effective way to gather evidence when you have a legal matter.

This app is the first of its kind and it allows you to record, store and collate evidence for a variety of uses.

If you have a family case, such as a dispute about your children, a claim of parental alienation or a problem with social services or CAFCASS, you will need to gather evidence to prove your case.  Or perhaps you have a stalking or domestic abuse matter and need a way of proving it.

This app can help you to get the evidence you need that every lawyer will want to see.

To celebrate the launch of our partnership, we are waiving our standard subscription fees for 2 months, so you can gather all your evidence for FREE!

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If you are experiencing problems which can’t be dealt with at the moment, make sure you keep detailed records so that you are ready with your case when the restrictions are lifted. Make a record of events and add supporting evidence as soon as possible and store it securely. ONRECORD is the ideal tool for safely saving your records, ready for when you need them – www.myonrecord.com 

Here are some useful ways you could use ONRECORD:

Unfair Dismissal Claims

Making a successful unfair dismissal claim depends on you or your solicitor being able to file a strong grounds of claim. You will need to show the nature and extent of the problem leading to the dismissal. If you’ve kept good records using ONRECORD you’ll have the events you’ve recorded with evidence in support in a chronology and you’ll be well prepared to instruct solicitors or to deal with it yourself.


Whistleblowing is a risky business and something for only the brave. But if you’re going to do it and stand up for what’s right remember you won’t be everyone’s friend. There will be some who want to close down the complaint and leave you looking like a trouble maker. This is the kind of case that requires meticulous detailed records supported by hard evidence such as letters, texts, accounts and reports. By using ONRECORD you can be well prepared. Not only can you make the physical records and upload all the evidence you hold in support of your claims, but the date, time and location of the upload is recorded on our platform in case it’s called into question. You also have a safe place where your data is held if you’re worried about surveillance or theft of your documents.

Discrimination Claims 

Whatever the problem leading to your dismissal claim, whether it’s sex discrimination, disability discrimination, a sexual orientation claim, or any other grounds you must be able to prove your case by having evidence to support your claim. Use ONRECORD and complete records of each and every time you experience the problem to back up your assertion.

Letter of Complaint

Needing to write a letter of complaint. Whether it’s for a clinical negligence claim, a dispute about a product, service, or a neighbour dispute you need to set out carefully what’s happened. These are the events you’ll use to seek to prove your case. If you use ONRECORD to keep records as each event happens you’ll be well prepared to set out your case in any letter.

Grievance Procedure

If you decide to start the grievance procedure at work you’ll need to write a grievance letter and make a subject access request. To back up your grievance claim you’ll need to produce a detailed account of what’s happened and how it’s impacted on you. By using ONRECORD when things start to go wrong you’ll have a chronology of events created by the app ready to use to support your claim.

Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence

In some cases like personal injury and clinical negligence in addition to receiving a sum of damages for the actual event, you’ll need to make a claim for the losses you’ve suffered such as loss of earnings, treatment costs, care and assistance costs and travelling expenses. It’s difficult to keep track of all these losses and expenses after a while because these cases drag on and it’s easy to put receipts in a bag or drawer to “sort out later” or to think you’ll remember it when you come to make your claim. Just giving a lawyer a bag of invoices and receipts and notes is a job for someone to sort out, taking their expensive time. Keep it all logged on ONRECORD as and when it happens and you’ll have an easy to understand time dated log of losses along with the proof. Nothing will be lost and you can be sure you’ve claimed everything. You never know you might be able to persuade the insurance company to accept a claim that the ONRECORD subscriptions are a legitimate expense. Ask your solicitor about this.

App Reviews

“It is a great easy to use app which makes collecting information easy to do as you go along rather than having to try and remember everything at a later date”.

“It’s been helpful to put evidence together in relevant sections. To have chronology in those areas. If has been helpful because I can quickly find a piece of evidence. It has given me confidence to build up a good case for an imminent court hearing. I feel organised and can see the wood for the trees and identify pertinent issues.”

“We had two weeks of looking through our own records and emails to respond to the chronology put together by social services, and emails went missing, papers couldn’t be found. It took forever and important information was lost. This app holds it all in a perfect timeline for you and your legal team. Just perfect.”

5 star reviews

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