At Truth Legal our No Win No Fee policy is clear and honest, there are no hidden clauses or conditions; everything is explained up front. With a personal injury claim, we believe you have a right to seek compensation for any injury and hardship you have been subjected to through no fault of your own.

As one of the most experienced personal injury solicitors, we have represented many clients from our offices in London, Manchester, York and Harrogate. We recognise that personal injury can be distressing and disruptive, so our first priority is your recovery, we then make sure as much as possible is done to prevent further injury to both yourself and other people, and then we design a plan to ensure you receive adequate compensation for your injuries.

What Is Covered Under Personal Injury Claims?

Personal injury can occur in many different walks of life, and we have experience of dealing with:

To pursue a claim there has to be proof of negligence, so we listen considerately to your case and advise accordingly, where a valid claim is there to be pursued we will then carry out our moral duty to ensure you are compensated and the negligent party is prevented from causing further injury.

How Do I Start A Personal Injury Claim?

In our free initial consultations, we can also advise on getting further medical treatment and your employment rights in terms of sick pay and how your employer should treat you when you return to work after a personal injury. We will listen and talk to you about your claim and advise how to avoid common mistakes, so start the process now by completing our short 60 second online process and your claim will be underway.

Start Your 60 Second Claim

Feel you have a personal injury claim, suffered as a result of clinical negligence or been dismissed unfairly? Whatever your case, we can help.