At Truth Legal we are experts in pursuing personal injury claims for women who have been injured following an assault at work.

We understand that it is distressing suffering violence at work. We promise to look after you.

Andrew Gray is one of the few solicitors in the country specialising in assaults in the workplace and has achieved many excellent results for clients. Andrew has a compassionate and thorough approach. Andrew will not pressurise you to make a claim.

Although making a personal injury claim following workplace violence is complex, Truth Legal explains your options without jargon. There are usually three overlapping claims which can be brought at the same time, which are:

  1. Make a claim against your employer.
  2. Make a claim against your attacker.
  3. Make a Criminal Injuries claim.

Each option has various pros and cons. Truth Legal will offer you advice as to which claim, or claims, should be made.

Truth Legal will strive to understand both the physical and emotional sides of your injuries. We understand that you might have been assaulted at work on a number of occasions.

Why do we focus on violence against women?

Because despite men traditionally undertaking more dangerous jobs (such as police officers, prison officers and security), the sectors in which women outnumber men (such as hospitals, care homes and schools) see a high ratio of women to men who are assaulted at work.

Truth Legal is campaigning to end violence at work by encouraging employers to implement good practice. We believe workplace violence should not be tolerated and employers need to do more to protect staff. It is not acceptable to disregard attacks that have happened in hospitals and schools just because of the vulnerability of the patients and pupils.

We want you to know this: you have the right to report violence at work to the police, regardless of what your employer says.

If you would like to discuss in confidence a workplace violence claim, please get in touch for a free no-obligation chat.

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