Bodily injuries can cause specific pain and suffering, which in some cases can be long term and life-changing. This can also lead to emotional and mental issues. At Truth Legal we believe you should be adequately compensated for the injuries you receive and we will work with you to ensure this is the case, and that your recovery helps get your life back to normal.

What Can I Claim As A Bodily Injury?

There are many ways that bodily injuries can occur, through:

The severity of an injury can range from minor, ie. cuts, grazes, bruising, to severe, such as broken bones or the loss of a limb or a key function such as gripping, walking freely or even sight. These injuries can result in time off work and possibly loss of income, so you need to understand your employment rights and where you stand legally for sick pay and how your employer should treat you when you return to work.

How much compensation you will receive depends on the severity of your injuries and your losses which flow from the act of negligence. If you were at all responsible for your own injury this is likely to affect your claim and the amount you may eventually be rewarded.

How We Can Help With Your Bodily Injury Claim

We can advise on your course of action immediately after a bodily injury. Firstly you need to seek medical attention and a full diagnosis of your injury. This may be at an accident and emergency department or at your local doctors. If possible, you should also seek evidence of any negligence that led to your injuries. You may need to ask someone to help you achieve this. However, we do appreciate that in the immediate aftermath of an injury it is not always possible to think straight and logically in these circumstances. So if you contact us as soon as you can, we can assist in gathering this evidence.

To start the process of a bodily injury claim you can complete a short 60 second online questionnaire, and we will take it from there. So contact us today with no delay and we will get things moving to ensure you are adequately compensated for your bodily injuries.

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