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CICA Domestic Abuse Claims

If you are currently suffering domestic abuse, your first priority must be to ensure your own safety. Considering a claim for compensation must give way to that. There are many ways of seeking help, including Victim Support and the National Domestic Abuse Helpline.

Domestic abuse generally refers to violence and threats carried out by a partner or former partner. It may take the form of:

  • Physical attacks
  • Sexual assault
  • Other violent behaviour which causes physical injury
  • Threats which cause fear of immediate violence

If you have suffered domestic abuse it is difficult to overstate how much pain it can cause. The physical or psychological injuries are often worsened by the close ties you once had with the abuser, and this can lead to significant, harmful effects on your life.

It is not right for anyone to suffer domestic abuse, or any other kind of abuse, and the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA) offers victims of abuse the chance to claim compensation for the harm inflicted upon them.

Truth Legal can help you with claiming compensation for the domestic abuse you have suffered, even if the abuser has not been prosecuted for their conduct. We appreciate it may not be easy to discuss, but compensation can offer you the opportunity of moving past your experiences.

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Domestic Abuse

According to the Office of National Statistics, as many as 2.4 million people, aged between 16 and 74, experienced domestic abuse in the year ending March 2019. The majority of these people were women. However, it is not only women who can be victims of domestic abuse. A significant proportion of the 2.4 million people mentioned above were men (786,000 – nearly 33%).

Many organisations, including the UN, have also warned about the increased potential for domestic abuse due to the Covid-19 pandemic – largely because of the greater isolation necessarily caused by social distancing restrictions.

Am I eligible to make a CICA Domestic Abuse claim?

The CICA scheme has certain requirements for those making a domestic abuse claim. The main ones are:

  • You must have suffered a physical or psychological injury as a direct result of an act of abuse. This can be through suffering directly as a victim of the abuse, or from witnessing a loved one suffering abuse.
  • You must have reported the abuse to the police as soon as you reasonably could.
  • You must have co-operated with the police in bringing the abuser to justice, as far as was reasonably possible.
  • You must make your claim within 2 years of the incident
  • The incident took place in England, Scotland, or Wales.

It is also important to be aware that the abuser does not need to have been caught or prosecuted for you to be able to make a CICA claim.

If you would like to find out more about the actual claims procedure, read our blog: The CICA Claims Process – How Does It Work?

What can I include in my claim for compensation?

Besides a claim for your injuries, CICA claims can also include compensation for some other losses you may have suffered due to the domestic abuse. For example, the injuries you suffered may have prevented you from working, meaning that you lost earnings as well. Although the other losses you can claim for in addition to your injuries are more restricted than in other kinds of personal injury claim, it is possible to recover compensation from the CICA for losses such as:

  • Loss of earnings (which may include lost earnings which are predicted to happen in the future as well as earnings you have already lost).
  • Some basic care fees.
  • Physical aids damaged in the incident, such as glasses, walking sticks, and crutches.

In addition, it is important to bear in mind that compensation awards can have consequences for any benefits you are receiving. Our blog, Will CICA Compensation Affect Your Benefits?, contains more information on this.

No Win, No Fee CICA Domestic Abuse claims

Legal fees can be a concern when making a claim; you don’t want to end up worse off after your claim is complete. For this reason, Truth Legal can act for you under a No Win, No Fee Agreement.

A No Win, No Fee Agreement generally provides that if your claim is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay our legal costs. In the event that you successfully recover compensation, a portion of the compensation will be used to cover our fees.

Funding of your claim is always discussed with you in full before anything is done on your behalf, so you can be sure of where you stand. And, if you have any queries about funding, we are more than willing to explain matters further.

Instructing Truth Legal for a CICA Domestic Abuse claim

At Truth Legal, we understand that bringing a CICA claim following domestic abuse is something deeply personal and sensitive. We value the trust our clients place in us and work tirelessly to ensure it is repaid through a high-quality, ethical service.

There is no requirement to instruct legal representatives when making a CICA claim. However, there are good reasons why you may want the assistance of our expert solicitors:

  • Technical knowledge and skill – ensuring your claim is handled efficiently and correctly.
  • Advice and representation – acting for you and protecting your legal rights throughout the claim.
  • Support and compassion – the case will focus on the domestic abuse you have experienced, and this can make handling the claim yourself understandably difficult. Instructing Truth Legal to act on your behalf, allows you to take a step back from the stresses of running the claim.

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