Stress at Work

Compensation claims for stress at work

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Occupational stress is a psychiatric injury caused by stress or pressure in the workplace. This is a type of personal injury and you could claim compensation.

Truth Legal specialise in personal injury law and will handle occupational stress compensation claims. We know that stress at work can cause serious long-term problems in your personal life as well as in your work life.

Occupational stress is a growing problem in the workplace. Stress can be the cause of family breakdowns, the fear of going to work and it can affect your physical health.

Andrew Gray, solicitor at Truth Legal, has handled cases relating to stress at work. We aim to handle all cases with compassion and expertise. We want you to make a full recovery: psychologically, physically and financially.

Occupational stress claims are complex cases which do not enjoy particularly high levels of success and as result we may not be able to offer you a No Win, No Fee agreement. Previously, we have been instructed on a fixed fee basis, which is something you may wish to consider.

Often stress claims overlap with employment law issues, and we may be able to advise you on employment claims too.

Every case is different so please get in touch to discuss your case in more detail with a solicitor on a no-obligation basis.

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