As a consumer you have rights. One of these rights is to receive a safe product. If you are injured by a faulty product you could be entitled to compensation.

Claims can arise if the product was dangerous in its design, poorly manufactured, the product information did not warn well enough of potential hazards or if the producer knew the product was potentially faulty and failed to act.

Responsibility lies with the producer of the defective product. In certain circumstances, the supplier of the product could be responsible for your injuries too. Therefore there are a number of potential defendants. A producer includes the manufacturer of the finished product, the producer of any raw material used in the product, the manufacturer of a component or part of the product or the importer of the product.

In the event that the producer cannot be identified, the supplier is responsible unless they can provide the identity of the producer within a reasonable amount of time. You must make a claim within three years of the injury occurring and the incident must have occurred within ten years of the producer putting the product into circulation.

Truth Legal are specialist personal injury solicitors and have handled numerous claims. We will handle your claims with utmost care, professionalism and compassion.

As well as helping you seek compensation we will, at your request, seek an apology from any negligent or guilty parties. Only a solicitor will have conduct your claim, supported by a trainee solictor. If required, we will use a specialist personal injury barrister.

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