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Every day cyclists are in accidents caused by other road users, or by dangerous potholes left unrepaired by councils – they deserve and need protection.

We at Truth Legal are specialist personal injury solicitors, and we regularly handle claims involving cyclists who have been in accidents. To date, we have won each and every one of these cycle accident claims – you can read a testimonial from one of our clients here.

We understand that for many people, their bicycle is their primary means of transportation. An accident and an injury could mean that you miss work, or even have to stop working altogether. Our founder Andrew Gray has handled a great number of personal injury claims ranging from the very minor to the extremely severe, and he will make sure your claim is handled with the utmost care and compassion. We understand that an accident can have consequences well beyond any physical injury, such as anxiety and other psychological problems, and our priority is always your complete recovery.

As well as helping you seek compensation we will, at your request, seek an apology from any negligent or guilty parties.

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Truth Legal have been successful in every road traffic accident claim we have handled to date – FACT!