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Do you have a property dispute and need expert legal advice?

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All legal disputes can be distressing. A dispute can feel particularly intrusive if it affects your home, your land, or the ways in which you use and enjoy them. Property disputes concerning your home can cause a great deal of stress and uncertainty as you will be living with the problem on a daily basis. It is not uncommon that you live right next to the opposing party; your neighbour.

On top of this, the law surrounding property disputes can be very confusing. Land law is (almost literally) as old as the hills, and has acquired a bewildering range of legal terms during its long existence – many of them in Latin and Norman French!

At Truth Legal we recognise how difficult property disputes can be, and this is the basis of our entire approach to dealing with your case. We aim to resolve your legal problem as quickly and painlessly as possible – whilst considering the practical implications that different solutions may entail.

If you are troubled by a property dispute, contact Truth Legal today to arrange a consultation with one of our expert property litigation solicitors.

The nature of property disputes

Property disputes can cover a wide range of legal issues, and sometimes several of them at the same time. These include:

When a property dispute arises, seeking specialist legal advice as soon as possible is always the best course of action. Consulting a solicitor does not automatically mean you will be taking legal action – getting help from a property litigation expert will prepare you from the outset, and may enable you to avoid some legal issues before they occur.

How can Truth Legal help?

At Truth Legal, we pride ourselves on providing ethical and effective legal services – advising you on all aspects of an issue and fighting to enforce your rights when necessary.

Our friendly, knowledgeable solicitors have vast experience in helping clients resolve their legal problems.

We are based in Harrogate with presences in York, Manchester, and London.

How much will our service cost?

Truth Legal offers affordable fixed fees or hourly rates – allowing you a flexible and cost-effective service. You may also have Legal Expenses Insurance on your home insurance policy allowing some or all of your legal costs to the paid by your home insurance.

We have also partnered with CrowdJustice, a leading crowdfunding platform specifically designed to help clients get access to funding for their case. Find 0ut more about Crowdfunding for legal cases.

Contact Truth Legal today to explore your options and obtain clear guidance on your legal position.

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