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Employment policies

We sell template policies and office manuals at fixed and affordable prices. For an additional fee we can work with you to adapt them for your business, ensure they are consistent and properly implemented.

Hiring and firing

We advise businesses on hiring staff at all levels. We can provide template employment contracts for a fixed fee, or work with you to draw up bespoke documents. We can advise on all aspects of dismissal including redundancy and disciplinary processes.

Settlement agreements

We can draw up and help you negotiate termination agreements (formerly known as “compromise agreements” but more recently as “settlement agreements”). Properly drafted settlement agreements are the only legal way for employees to waive their rights to bring employment claims in a court or employment tribunal.

Grievance and disputes

Problems with employment relations can arise in any workplace. Employers may become unhappy with the behaviour or performance of a member of staff, or an employee may be unhappy about how they are being treated or what they are being asked to do. We can help you negotiate workplace disputes and achieve practical solutions, for example through workplace mediation, performance management and “protected conversations” (meaning “off the record”).

Transfer of undertakings (TUPE)

If your business takes over a service contract from an existing provider or you take on a business as a going concern, you might inherit the staff under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006. These regulations confer protection on those staff such as the right to be consulted with in advance of the transfer, the right to retain their existing terms and conditions of employment and the right not to be treated unfairly (or dismissed) for a reason connected to the transfer. We can advise on the potential consequences for your business of a TUPE transfer and help you to manage it properly.