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Sonia Saxton


Sonia is an experienced ‘Corporate Specialist’ who has demonstrated a track record with organisations who want results you can measure, both here, and Mentoring businesses across Europe. With over 35 years’ experience of working with corporates and S.M.E’s including Mills Reeve, Harrowells; Hurst Accountants; Sharples; Call Credit, Neoss; Merryck; Confederation of British Industries; Grantley Hotel; and many others.

She is known for her unique guarantee on work. She states if you don’t get at least eighteen examples of how her work has made a difference to your performance, she will refund your money! See short video on how the process works at https://www.saxtonpartners.co.uk/executive-coaching/ She believes the challenges experienced by the legal field are somewhat different, in that you are working in an environment that historically has always been able to rely on clients coming to you; and your achievements were largely based on your technical expertise. Now, expectations are far wider. Having qualified as an International Coach in the States, her specialism is irrationality and she has her own patented diagnostic tool called CORE®, which produces detailed analysis of your motivations and the beliefs that may be causing some of the challenges you are facing. With the facts in front of you, an informed judgment can then be made about what you wish to work on. An essential part of her cultural change Programs for making firms more productive.

A bit of background

She qualified early on as a Trainer with the ‘Institute of Personnel and Development’ and then as an International Trainer at the NLP University in California and in Copenhagen as a registered Trainer with the Association of International Trainers. Sonia’s also teaches others how to coach and resolve those behaviours that block use of true potential using advanced linguistics and behaviour analysis. This results in them acquiring registered qualifications with the relevant bodies when signed as competent by herself because of her registration.

Sonia is a member of ‘Association of Business Psychologist’s’; registered with ‘International Association of Trainers’;‘ Speakers Association’ and ‘Toast Masters’. Sonia is intuitive, challenging and will stretch you until you achieve what you want, enabling a strong level of emotional resilience for those who work with her.

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