Written by Robert Darlington, Assistant at Truth Legal

Like most people, I have not had formal legal training. I have never needed it as I don’t handle cases or deal with clients, unlike in some firms where para-legals who are no more qualified than I am handle hundreds of cases at a time. This means that I view the law and cases from a non-legal perspective.

Working in a legal practice has shown me just how confusing the law can seem and I understand why people might be afraid of taking legal action, especially against an employer. A conditional fee agreement (no-win, no-fee to you and me) can seem like a daunting read but any solicitor worth his or her salt will be willing to explain what they are asking you to sign. Even after posting dozens of them I still need to ask what certain parts mean. Your solicitor is there to help you so don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t understand a complex legal document.

Taking legal action is never a decision that should be taken lightly but it isn’t something you should be afraid of.

A by-product of working at Truth Legal is an appreciation of the good Personal Injury and Employment Law can do for not just the victim, but society as a whole. Prior to starting here I viewed solicitors as ambulance chasers whose sole purpose was to rinse people for money. After seeing what victims of injuries, assault, unfair dismissal, discrimination, etc. go through, it becomes clear that these people, people like you or me, deserve justice and recompense.

In the months I have spent in the industry I have learned that the right to take legal action, and by extension solicitors, are an important part of the fair and just society we all strive for.



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