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Truth Legal Sponsors Basketball Stars Of The Future

February 10, 2020,
Andrew Gray,
willow tree

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of the basketball team of our local primary school in Harrogate, Willow Tree Community Primary School.

Coach Mark Gunn is helping to train the children and hopefully we will start to see some of the budding basketball stars of the future coming through. Basketball has always been a popular sport at the school, and now the regular classes in 2020 can teach the children discipline, teamwork and focus as well as the endless joys of camaraderie, healthy pursuits and the simple joys of sport.

willow tree

Funding for schools is always a complex issue, but there is nothing more frustrating, particularly for parents, than seeing young children willing and ready to expend some of their boundless energy, but unable to do so because of a lack of equipment or facilities. Hopefully our sponsorship of the school basketball team will provide a wholesome outlet for some of this energy, but also improve the health, competitive spirit and sense of comradeship between the children.

Truth Legal looking to help the local community

The new basketball classes will focus on the basic basketball skills of attack, defence and shooting, and team games will help to harness participation and the benefits of teamwork, with the objective being that everybody benefits.

It is this kind of philosophy that is behind Truth Legal’s role in the Harrogate community. We believe that we are part of a team, a community, and everybody can benefit from the legal expertise and specialist skills that we have to offer. This all adds up to a fairer and more fruitful society for everyone. If we can assist that further by investing some money in local schools sports then we are very happy to do so, and the joy of seeing the smiles on the children’s’ faces and the sheer excitement at taking part in a great team sport, is so rewarding.

We hope to see the basketball stars of the future from Willow Tree Primary School!


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Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray

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