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What’s so different about Truth Recruit?

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Truth Recruit is the brainchild of Andrew Gray, the owner of Truth Legal Solicitors. Truth Recruit are the only regulated legal recruiters in the UK as far as we know.

Andrew Gray

In part the idea of setting up of Truth Recruit came to Andrew as a result of his very first experience with a recruiter, many years ago.

At the time, Andrew was a trainee solicitor and was in the process of qualifying. The law firm at which he worked was going to keep him on after he qualified, but he was desperate to move to Yorkshire. Andrew contacted recruiters (as was the way back in 2007) wanting any job and in the process saw all the adverts for jobs which may or may not have existed. Andrew takes up the story;

“I spoke to a recruiter who used to be a solicitor and I said I wanted to move out to Yorkshire, maybe to do personal injury or commercial litigation. I spent hours putting my CV together, only to give it to a recruiter. They asked me if I had heard of a particularly well-known, large firm in Leeds, which I hadn’t at that time, and he told me that they were a brilliant commercial litigation firm and that they paid well.

I went for the interview which was with a partner and an associate. It was going averagely until I said,

“If I get this job in this commercial litigation team…”.

The partner slammed his hands down on the table and said,

“This isn’t a commercial litigation job!”

It was a commercial property litigation job. I had no experience in it and it wasn’t an area that interested me anyway. When asked why I was there, I told him that my recruiter had told me it was a commercial litigation job.

That was my first experience in dealing with recruiters. I don’t think the recruiter knew he was sending me to the wrong job interview but rather, he didn’t understand the important nuances between the two fields. This lesson, in part, helped me to set up Truth Recruit because I think that for us highly regulated solicitors, recruitment should be open, clear and transparent. Recruiters should act in the best interest of their candidates. The fees most legal recruitment agencies charge the recruiting firm are fantastically high too, further, the recruitment industry is only regulated in the lightest of ways

Hopefully, Truth Recruit will take the legal market by storm and our wish is that we are the first of what will be many regulated recruitment companies in the UK. All lawyers should have their own lawyer acting in their best interests. We hope that in a few years, lawyers will be able to move jobs faster through the use settlement agreements, so that lawyers know what they can and can’t do when they move jobs. This is a service that Truth Recruit already offer.

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Truth Recruit are offering to move our clients to employers for 15% fees (paid by the recruiting firm). Contrast this with some of those 33% fees that we have seen are being charged! Our fees will be sensible and transparent. So, for both sides in the recruitment process, the Truth Recruit way is a breath of fresh air!

If you are interested in furthering your career through Truth Recruit, please get in touch with Andrew Gray at andrewg@truthlegal.com  or his colleague, Carl Waring, carl@truthlegal.com who is also a solicitor.

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