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What is a manual handling accident?

February 5, 2014,
Andrew Gray,

The Manual Handling Operation Regulations 1992 are designed to protect employees from injuries at work caused by manual handling.

There are many potential hazards in the workplace that can give rise to a manual handling claim, including:

  • Lifting objects that are too heavy
  • Repetitive lifting
  • Inadequate training
  • Inadequate lifting equipment
  • Heavy lifting from height, e.g lifting objects from high shelves in a shop

In order to try and reduce the risk of their employees suffering injuries at work, employers have a duty to:

  • Review the working practice and eliminate any manual handling which is not absolutely necessary.
  • Carry out a risk assessment of all of the manual handling which cannot be eliminated and which may cause an injury.
  • Try to reduce the risk of injury from all essential manual handling as much as possible.
  • Provide details of the weight of each load where it is practical to do so.

Manual handling accidents often happen in work places, such as warehouses and shops and also in hospitals and care homes, where employees assist with lifting/moving patients. However, manual handling accidents can occur in any work place.

Common injuries caused by manual handling accidents include back injuries and shoulder injuries.

If you have been injured at work, please contact us for a no- obligation discussion, to see if we are able to assist you.


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