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Why did Andrew Gray set-up Truth Legal Solicitors?

May 31, 2016,
Andrew Gray,

Frequently I am asked why I set up a law firm, particularly when I previously hadn’t been a partner of another law firm.

Simply, I knew that, although I had worked for some outstanding law firms, I could do a better, more ethical job, offering greater access to justice. I was right. Over the last four years Truth Legal has helped hundreds of people, donating hundreds of hours of free advice.

In my interview with US lawyer Christopher Small I share my thoughts on why I set up Truth Legal. Christopher Small does weekly podcasts on how to start a law firm, law firm marketing, social media for lawyers, leadership, management, mindset, and everything else needed to start and build a successful law firm.

He is also the owner of CMS Law Firm LLC who provide clients with specialist, business-focused advice in law and tax matters.


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Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray

I launched Truth Legal in 2012 to provide the most caring, ethical and brilliant personal injury law representation. Usually personal injury claims are a good thing, modifying negligent behaviour, shifting the financial burden off the state and reducing future injuries. I also represent people who have been poorly treated at work. I’m proud that my team give away countless hours of free legal advice.

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