Why use Truth Legal

By Andrew Gray, founder of Truth Recruit

//Why use Truth Legal

I’m Andrew Gray, owner of Truth Legal, probably the only regulated recruiters in the UK. These are the reasons that you should use Truth Legal if you want to improve your life and work as a lawyer if you want to move jobs.

Firstly, we are regulated just as you are, so we understand the regulation. Therefore, you can complain about us if we do anything unethical, which we won’t.

Secondly, we use settlement agreements to try and move you overnight, perhaps with an enhanced package.

Thirdly, we are effectively your agent and I think every lawyer should have a superstar agent, and that I think is us.

Fourthly, as practicing lawyers, we understand the market. We aren’t has-been lawyers who used to practice years ago.

Finally, we are going to coach you, keep you in the right job and enhance your career. Who wouldn’t want that?

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About the Author:

Andrew Gray
I launched Truth Legal in 2012 to provide the most caring, ethical and brilliant personal injury law representation. Usually personal injury claims are a good thing, modifying negligent behaviour, shifting the financial burden off the state and reducing future injuries. I also represent people who have been poorly treated at work. I’m proud that my team give away countless hours of free legal advice.