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Coronavirus and UK Immigration – Live Updates

As with most areas of life, the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on the UK’s immigration system is far-reaching.  In this regularly updated blog, we monitor the key developments around immigration, including those that may [...]

Lasting Power of Attorney advice from AM Davies, in partnership with Truth Legal

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What would happen if you could no longer make decisions for yourself? What would it mean for your friends and family?

Lasting Powers of Attorney offer you a way to prepare for the possibility of losing your ability to make decisions. They allow you to appoint people whom you trust to make decisions on your behalf. These people are known as your attorneys.

Medical conditions (such as Dementia) or severe injuries can remove your ‘mental capacity’ for making decisions. If no one has legal authority to take decisions for you, your loved ones could face serious difficulties when trying to resolve issues with your property, finances, or welfare.

There are two kinds of Lasting Power of Attorney which you can make. Each will give your attorneys different decision-making powers. The two kinds are:

  • Property and Financial Affairs – allows your attorneys to deal with financial matters, such as buying or selling your home, managing your investments, paying your bills and operating your bank accounts.
  • Health and Welfare – allows your attorneys to look after your healthcare needs and general wellbeing. This can include making decisions about where you should live, daily care, and the medical treatment you receive.

Making a Lasting Power of Attorney with A M Davies Solicitors

A M Davies Solicitors can give you practical advice about making Lasting Powers of Attorney, helping you to decide how they might be of maximum use to you. For example, with a Lasting Powers of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs, you can allow your attorneys to make decisions for you even if you still have the mental capacity to do so yourself. This can be a useful way to pass the handling of your affairs over to your attorneys – if, for instance, dealing with these matters yourself is getting to be too much for you.

If you would like advice about making a Lasting Power of Attorney, please contact Jeremy at A M Davies Solicitors.

Losing capacity without a Lasting Power of Attorney

If you lose mental capacity and do not have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place, it can be very difficult for friends and family to look after things for you. Where an important decision is needed, someone may have to apply to become a Deputy for you. This can be very costly in both time and money.

It is not possible to make a Lasting Power of Attorney after you have lost mental capacity, so if you are wondering about making one, it is strongly recommended that you take specialist legal advice sooner rather than later.

Why choose A M Davies Solicitors?

Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, A M Davies Solicitors is a husband and wife team of two highly experienced lawyers: Angela Davies and Jeremy Clough. We are dedicated to helping people, and this means holding our clients’ interests as our top priority. We don’t have billing targets to meet – we have clients to serve.

Jeremy takes care of all our private client cases, encompassing Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate and Estate Administration, and ‘Living Wills’. His friendly, open style means that all the work he does is handled with personality and sensitivity, as well as technical expertise. Jeremy qualified as a chartered legal executive in 1991 and is a full member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) – a professional body which provides training and guarantees standards. He is also a full member of Solicitors for the Elderly.

Trusting someone with your important legal matters can feel like a big step. At A M Davies Solicitors, we believe our clients deserve to have their trust repaid. By placing your faith in us, you can be sure of:

  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Clear, expert, jargon-free advice
  • Specialist skill and understanding
  • Appointments convenient to you – at your home, place of work or elsewhere
  • No delegation to junior lawyers – your case will be handled by Jeremy (and only by Jeremy!)

If you would like to talk to us about using our services, or you have any queries, contact Jeremy on 01423 779479, or via email: [email protected]