On an evening in June, Truth Legal received a phone call from the relative of a young mother who was facing eviction from her Housing Association flat at 11am the following day.

Following a series of errors by benefits agencies she was forced into rent arrears. The young mother had managed to secure an urgent hearing in the County Court at 10am the following morning but had no representation or statement.

Andrew Gray agreed to represent the mother for free, as eviction would have left her and her eight year old daughter homeless.

At 10:30pm Andrew and Robert Darlington of Truth Legal travelled to the young mother’s home and stayed up long into the early morning preparing her statement and gathering evidence.

Martin Knight was in the office early to check the paperwork and prepare for the hearing at 10am – the locksmiths had been booked for 11am.

At the hearing we were successful in obtaining a suspension of the eviction order. The Housing Association were ordered by the Judge to call off the locksmiths. The upshot was that the young mother could stay in her home and her eight year old daughter did not have to change schools.


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