At Truth Legal Solicitors, we are conscious of our carbon footprint and ensuring we reduce our energy usage where possible.

Our current calculated carbon footprint is as follows:

Building or Process Energy Values

  • 2,797 kWh electricity (main source)
  • 42,811 kWh natural gas

Transport Energy Values

  • 16,218 miles in 1st car/taxi/bike
  • 5,386 miles on a train, tram, tube or coach
  • 1,848 miles in an aeroplane

This means that our total emissions are 14,738 kgCO2e, which is 14.738 Tonnes of CO2e which equates to 4.023 Tonnes of Carbon.

What Is The Plan?

In 2020, we will be arranging to offset our energy use by planting trees to reach a ‘Carbon Neutral’ status in the next 5 years.

We are currently sourcing suitable woodland in which to plant new trees reduce our carbon footprint.

We’ll keep you updated with our plans throughout the year!

Carbon Neutral