At Truth Legal, our dedicated and experienced team have helped countless businesses apply for or maintain an existing Skilled Worker (previously known as a Tier 2) Sponsor Licence. Our cost-effective advice is tailored to your exact requirements as we adapt to your existing knowledge and experience with sponsoring workers.

Whilst you can go it alone, we have many businesses come to us for help who have been refused or rejected after applying for a Sponsor Licence. To save you time and money, we can ensure your application is robust, and that your business has the correct HR systems in place to sponsor employees for a long period of time.

Our ethical approach means that we can also help to secure the future of your business. Our team always considers the long-term goal and our experience in employment law means that we understand how to maintain employee satisfaction to ensure sponsored employees remain loyal to your company.

We can help you to:

  • Highlight any issues you may face in the sponsorship process
  • Apply for a Sponsor Licence
  • Maintain a Sponsor Licence
  • Challenge a negative decision by the Home Office
  • Prepare for a Home Office inspection
  • Ensure your HR Systems are compliant
  • Train staff on the requirements to sponsor workers
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