Truth Legal understand the knock-on effect that a serious injury can have, and that no two injuries are the same, so as experienced serious injury solicitors we can put together a complete support package tailored specifically for you.

Our unique and comprehensive support has a primary aim of ensuring you are suitably compensated for your injuries, and to understand your injury and its repercussions and how you can be put back on your feet, both physically and mentally.

What we do as your serious injury representation

If you choose Truth Legal for your serious injury legal support, you can benefit from our years of experience in the many specialist fields involved in this legal sector. Our commitment to you includes a plan to:

  • Compensate your financial needs
  • Establish your mobility needs
  • Find and arrange specialist help to address your rehabilitation
  • Talk with your employer about current and future support
    Provide adequate emotional support for you and your family
  • Formulate an overall care plan dedicated to making your life as normal as possible

Why should I choose Truth Legal?

The reality of a serious injury is that your life may never be the same again, and whilst you are dealing with that, Truth Legal can take care of the necessary steps in compensating you financially, and providing the physical and emotional support you need. Let Truth Legal take the weight of the legal complexities of your serious injury claim, whilst you concentrate on your rehabilitation.

Our all-round package includes seeking justice, but also removes the stress of loved ones in addressing immediate and long term care.


5 Reasons Why Truth Legal Might Be Right For Your Personal Injury Claim

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Our Expertise

A serious or catastrophic injury can leave you and your loved ones with a mountain of problems and not knowing where to start in addressing them. Truth Legal are here as specialist serious injury solicitors to sift through the complexities of your situation and put together a specific and targeted care plan.

We are dedicated to justice and our experience of dealing with serious injuries such as spinal injuries, fatal injuries, head injuries, brain injuries, accidents at work or injuries caused by assaults means we have understanding and empathy for the victim and can quickly and professionally put together a plan to get your life back together. Our personal service is committed to providing the comprehensive professional support you need to seek compensation and to address your ongoing physical needs.

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