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Why do Some Motorists Seem to Hate Cyclists?

If you type the title of this article into Google, the first thing that is likely to appear near the top of the page, is a line of YouTube videos, with titles such as “This is Why People Hate Cyclists” and “Idiot on a Bike”, amongst other, similarly ‘complimentary’ themes. [...]

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I’m Still Suffering From My Whiplash Injury? What Should I Do?

Whiplash injury compensation claims are probably the most well-known of all personal injury claims. This may be because they are the most common type of injury arising out of car or other motor vehicle accidents, being between 65% and 78% of all bodily claims in 2014, depending on which insurance [...]

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When Should I Settle My Personal Injury Claim?

The not-so-simple answer to this question, is that a claim is ready to settle when the offer made by the paying party (usually an insurance company) reaches a figure that is in line with previously decided and reported cases, which we call “precedents”, where the type of injury and the [...]

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“What is a Legal Executive?” By Catherine Reynolds

A Chartered Legal Executive is a qualified lawyer who is trained to specialise in one or two particular areas of law.  To qualify as a Chartered Legal Executive you have to complete your Chartered Legal Executive training.  The qualification is assessed at honours degree level and involves applying yourself in [...]

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What standard of service should I expect in my personal injury claim?

Personal injury law – probably one of the most important areas of law – has something of a tarnished reputation. Whether it’s lazy solicitors buying-in claims from ropey claims management companies, or some large ‘factory-style’ law firms heaping a staggering numbers of cases onto their unqualified staff – it all [...]

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Can I Claim For Care After a Personal Injury Accident?

It is very common for someone injured in an accident to have some degree of incapacity afterwards. A simple sprained ankle might mean that you are unable to get around as easily as before, perhaps forcing you to rest your leg until it gets better. A slight injury to your [...]

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Woman Left Disfigured After Negligent Cosmetic Filler Injection

  With celebrities making the trend for a fuller face more popular than ever, dermal filler injections have become a widespread non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Unfortunately, a lack of regulation means that many of these injections are carried out improperly, resulting in serious medical complications and a large number of compensation [...]

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How Many Road Traffic Accidents Happen In The UK? (Infographic)

At the end of 2017 the UK Government published transport statistics in Great Britain showing road traffic accident statistics from 2016 for fatalities and injuries, whilst also highlighting the most common causes of road traffic accidents, which include tiredness and being distracted. We have put together this useful infographic showing [...]

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