Lawyers, Doctors: It’s All About Your Bedside Manner, Right?

Over the last few years, I have had the great pleasure of teaching a few hundred doctors to become medico-legal experts. For those who don’t know, medico-legal experts are doctors who examine personal injury or clinical negligence claimants, then write a formal report for the courts regarding the incident circumstances [...]

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Whiplash Reforms 2021 – A Slap In The Face To Most Road Traffic Accidents Victims

Imagine that you and your neighbour have both been injured in separate road traffic accidents. Neither of you was at fault; neither of you was even driving at the time. Imagine also that, for 6 months, each of you suffered the pain, frustration, and debilitating effects of a whiplash injury [...]

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Louis MacWilliam, Immigration Solicitor, Featured on BBC Look North

Earlier this month, following the announcement of a proposed 'points based' immigration system after Brexit, our immigration solicitor, Louis MacWilliam was interviewed on BBC Look North giving his views on the proposals. Under the new system, low-skilled workers will not receive visas and the Home Office said EU and non-EU [...]

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Andrew Gray Featured in Legal Matters in the Yorkshire Post

Truth Legal founder, Andrew Gray, has recently been featured in the Yorkshire Post in their Legal Matters section. Here is the full interview: Andrew Gray – Founder and Solicitor, Truth Legal, Harrogate; and Immediate Past President of Harrogate and District Law Society 1 What’s the biggest development you’ve seen in the legal world during your [...]

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If You are Given Notice Shortly before Completing the One-Year Qualifying Period, Can You Claim Unfair Dismissal?

Student lawyer Joanna Garvey-Smith assesses the computation of time in the case of Pacitti Jones v Claire O'Brien [2005] CSIH 56 and asks “If You are Given Notice Shortly before Completing the One-Year Qualifying Period, Can You Claim Unfair Dismissal?” The Facts Ms O'Brien started working for the Glasgow-based estate [...]

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When Does A Doctor’s Conduct Fall Below The Standard Of Their Duty Of Care?

Doctoral Researcher Kirstie Shearman, reviews the case of Bolam v Friern Hospital Management Committee [1957] 2 All ER 118.  Background For a patient to bring a successful medical negligence claim, they must prove three elements: that the medical professional owed them a duty of care; that the duty of care [...]

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Harrogate News: February Round-Up

Legendary Harrogate cyclist’s death ‘avoidable’ An inquest has ruled that the death of ultra-endurance cyclist Mike Hall was “avoidable” after he was hit by a car two years ago while cycling in Australia. Hall, 35 from Harrogate, was competing in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race and had a memorial service [...]

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Should Prince Philip Have Said “Sorry” for the Road Traffic Accident in Norfolk?

As our readers will doubtless be aware, in mid-January 2019 Prince Philip, husband to the Queen, aged 97, was involved in a serious road Traffic Accident. From piecing together the various written and oral accounts of the accident it looks highly likely that it was the Prince’s fault. My understanding [...]

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