A common misconception is that once you have been granted a Sponsor Licence, the hard work is over. Sponsorship is, however, an ongoing process with duties and responsibilities that you need to keep on top of. If you neglect these, you risk your Sponsor Licence being revoked and your sponsored employees’ visas being cancelled. 

At Truth Legal, our experienced team has helped numerous businesses to navigate the challenges that come with acquiring and maintaining a Sponsor Licence. Whether you have had your application refused or rejected, have an inspection looming, are worried about whether your systems are compliant, or have had your Sponsor Licence suspended or revoked, we can help.

We can help you by:

  • Adapting your HR systems to make sure they are Home Office compliant
  • Conducting a ‘mock-audit’ of your systems and providing you with an action-plan
  • Making representations on your behalf and advising on the best evidence to challenge enforcement action
  • Advising you on best next steps if your licence has been revoked or suspended, including potential judicial review challenges
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