Business Immigration and Global Mobility: Recent Changes and What You Need to Know

When it comes to business immigration, change really is the only constant. At Truth Legal, our Immigration Team has become adept at navigating the choppy waters of sponsorship and the Skilled Worker route, both of which were overhauled in December 2020.  We’re also seaworthy when it comes to alternative business [...]

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Is Compensation Really ‘Unlimited’ for Discrimination or Whistleblowing Claims?

If you have read anything on discrimination claims or claims for whistleblowing, you may have seen references to compensation being unlimited or uncapped. But what does this actually mean? Will an Employment Tribunal just award you any amount it thinks is fair and appropriate; or is compensation calculated in a [...]

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How is Divorce and Separation Law Changing in April 2022?

From 6th April 2022, there will be major changes to the law around divorce, separation, and the dissolution of civil partnerships. The intention behind the changes is to lessen the adversarial nature of divorce and dissolution, and to align the processes more closely with modern attitudes. They represent the biggest [...]

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The 5 Requirements to Claim Discrimination Connected to a Disability

The law provides protection against various types of discrimination: direct, indirect, harassment and victimisation, in respect of the protected characteristics covered by the Equality Act 2010. These are: Age Disability Gender Reassignment Marriage and civil partnership Pregnancy and Maternity Race Religion or belief Sex Sexual Orientation However, there are additional [...]

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6 Reasons Why the Home Office Concession for Ukrainians is Mediocre

On 25 February 2022, the Home Office published a concession to the UK’s immigration policy for Ukrainians, focussing in particular on Ukrainians with family members in the UK. On 26 February 2022, the Government indicated there would be strong and far-reaching support for Ukrainians seeking sanctuary in the UK “Any [...]

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Making a Portal Claim vs Sending a Letter of Claim – What’s the Difference?

You may have heard of the Ministry of Justice’s Claims Portal, and the phrase ‘sending a Letter of Claim’. If you’ve ever wondered how they fit into the world of personal injury claims then you’re in the right place! In general, they represent two separate routes by which claims can [...]

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Reasonable Adjustments – Has My Employer Done Enough to Help With My Disability?

In many situations, employers are under a duty to make what’s called ‘reasonable adjustments’ for employees or job applicants who have a disability. Reasonable adjustments are essentially changes to working practices, or the work environment, to assist in situations where you are put at a ‘substantial disadvantage’ because of your [...]

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When Does My Employer Have to Make Reasonable Adjustments for My Disability?

If you have a disability, any workplace can present you with unique problems. These might come from the way in which the work is carried out – workloads, practices, shift patterns – or maybe accessing and navigating the workplace is difficult. In certain circumstances, employers are under a legal duty [...]

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Truth Legal Plants 1500 Trees At Nidderdale Woodland

Press Release - February 2022 Truth Legal is showing its commitment to working sustainably as well as responsibly, after planting 1,500 trees at a Nidderdale woodland. The Truth Legal woodland is located at Bank Woods, near Summerbridge – a nature reserve owned by family-run conservation business Make it Wild – [...]

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