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4 Reasons to Sue Your Personal Injury Solicitor

Usually when a person decides to make a personal injury compensation claim, it’s been a difficult decision for them to make. Sure, we’ve all heard the stories of lorry drivers who, as soon as another vehicle taps into the back of their stationary lorry, jump out of the vehicle holding [...]

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How do you know that your personal injury lawyer is any good?

1. Are they actually a solicitor or being supervised by a solicitor? At Truth Legal, where cases are being run by a Paralegal or Trainee, they always have close 1-2-1 supervision by a qualified lawyer. By contrast, many claims factories employ unqualified claims managers (whatever a "claims manager" is".) [...]

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8 Steps to Choosing The Right Solicitor (Updated from 7 Steps!)

**updated article - April 2018** So, you’re looking for a solicitor to represent you. There can be all sorts of reasons why you might want to engage the services of a solicitor: perhaps you have suffered a personal injury from: an accident at work a road traffic accident clinical negligence [...]

By |2018-04-18T21:06:25+01:00February 23rd, 2017|Andrew Gray, Switch Solicitors|

Is Your Personal Injury Case Getting The Attention It Deserves? The Dangers of Using a ‘Claims Factory’

It is probably fair to say that most people’s impression of the personal injury market is formed by brash adverts, nuisance calls, spam text messages, and by the idea of the ‘ambulance-chasing’ lawyer – forcing his card into the hands of an accident victim as they lie waiting for medical [...]

By |2017-09-25T11:53:24+01:00February 15th, 2017|Andrew Gray, Personal Injury, Switch Solicitors|

The NHS Litigation Authority’s New Mediation Scheme – What Should I Be Aware Of?

At the start of December 2016, the National Health Service Litigation Authority (NHS LA) launched a new mediation service. Following a pilot scheme of just over two years, the service intends to open up a new way of resolving claims of clinical negligence, or other personal injury, made against the [...]

By |2017-10-19T13:30:54+01:00January 25th, 2017|Andrew Gray, Clinical Negligence, Switch Solicitors|

Package Holiday Accident Claims

This article was updated in February 2020. Having a holiday to look forward to is something special. The excitement of counting down the days can be almost as invigorating as the holiday itself. But what if, after all that anticipation, the trip is ruined by an accident and you are [...]

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See The Benefits of Changing Solicitors

If you are not satisfied with a service provided, say, energy provider or phone company, it’s very easy to switch to gain a better deal. Even when it comes to doctors, a second opinion is easily accessible and often recommended, so why should it not be the same for law? [...]

By |2017-10-27T19:36:58+01:00October 24th, 2016|Andrew Gray, Success Stories, Switch Solicitors|

What Is Unlawful Discrimination And How Do I Know If I’ve Been Discriminated Against?

**This article was updated in February 2019** You probably have an idea of what discrimination looks like; sexism, ageism, racism, these are all high-profile forms of discrimination. Many well-known problems in the modern workplace stem from discrimination – for example sex discrimination is at the heart of such issues as [...]

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Another successful switch solicitors case: £5,000 becomes £10,000.

Given our expertise in representing personal injury clients who aren't happy with their current solicitors, since our inception we have seen a variety of poor practice by other personal injury lawyers. In our experience, usually people want to switch solicitors because - unbeknownst to them at the outset of the [...]

By |2018-10-23T15:00:32+01:00May 31st, 2016|Andrew Gray, Personal Injury, Success Stories, Switch Solicitors|
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