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In the News – Medical Negligence – June 2019

Negligent surgery costs a young woman her ability to have children naturally A heart-breaking story, recently reported by the BBC shows just how life-changing medical negligence through surgical errors can be. Chelsie Thomas, a 27-year old woman, was left unable to have children naturally when a surgeon removed the wrong [...]

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In the News – Medical Negligence – May 2019

Should cosmetic firms assess their customers' mental health? People undergo cosmetic procedures - such as Botox, skin peels and lip fillers - for many different reasons. However, a common theme is a person's desire to feel better about themselves and their appearance. These are concepts which are closely tied to [...]

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In the News – Medical Negligence – April 2019

Is the danger of vaginal mesh implants being downplayed? For a number of years, vaginal mesh implants have been closely linked to severe health complications. Many patients fitted with them have reported extreme pain and suffered life-changing injuries. This led to their use being suspended in July 2018 in all [...]

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Medical Negligence Cases – In The News – March Edition

We continue our series of blog posts, examining the latest events relating to medical negligence. Use of incorrect implants to fix fractured bones Any complicated surgical procedure involving implants has certain risks attached. Aside from clinical risks, if defective implants are used – perhaps where inadequate care has been taken [...]

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Clinical Negligence Case: Do Reception Staff At A Hospital Owe Patients A Duty Of Care?

Case: Darnley -v- Croydon Health Services NHS Trust [2018] UKSC 50 For any clinical negligence claim to succeed, the ‘negligent’ person must owe a duty of care towards the person who is harmed. There are several other elements to proving a negligence claim, but showing that this duty of care [...]

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Compensation For Misdiagnosed Cervical Cancer – Is It Possible To Claim?

A startling report in The Independent newspaper earlier last year revealed that as a result of failings at a laboratory in Essex, thousands of cervical cancer screening results were to be reviewed by the NHS. This was because it had been discovered that some women tested were incorrectly given the all-clear. At the time [...]

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How Do I Write a Complaint Letter to the NHS?

If you have experienced mistreatment or sub-standard service from the NHS, it is natural to want an explanation. You might not be seeking compensation – although this may be possible through a clinical negligence claim – you might just want an apology, recognition of the poor treatment you have received, [...]

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Medical Negligence Cases – In The News

Medical negligence can have a huge impact on the lives of its victims. Yet the term sounds so formal and impenetrable, conveying none of the human suffering it so often leads to. It sounds – for want of a better word – clinical.  In this new series of blog posts, we aim to [...]

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