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Medical Negligence Cases – In The News

Medical negligence can have a huge impact on the lives of its victims. Yet the term sounds so formal and impenetrable, conveying none of the human suffering it so often leads to. It sounds – for want of a better word – clinical.  In this new series of blog posts, we aim to [...]

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How To Choose The Right Clinical Negligence Solicitor

When you are making any kind of legal claim, choosing your legal representatives is a very important decision. Your choice of solicitor can make a huge difference; it could mean the difference between a well-handled case and a shambolic ordeal, success and failure – the right compensation and a missed [...]

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Why Are the Numbers of Sepsis Clinical Negligence Claims on the Rise?

The number of sepsis clinical negligence claims being made is rising. What is sepsis, why are so many people getting sepsis why does this often result in sepsis compensation claims being made? We hope that this article will provide you with some answers. According to the UK Sepsis Trust website: [...]

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Why Protocol Matters: What Is The Clinical Negligence Protocol?

An injured Claimant bringing a medical negligence claim must adhere to the “Pre-Action Protocol for the Resolution of Clinical Disputes”. The Protocol encourage early exchange of information and the primary goal is to avoid litigation, if at all possible. The Protocol is regarded as a fair and transparent process allowing [...]

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NHS Medical Director Attacks “Significant Safety Problems”

Sir Bruce Keogh, who has been the NHS Medical Director since 2007, has launched a stinging criticism on the organisation which he leads, in a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph. Clinical negligence solicitors around the country, like us, will be unsurprised by Sir Bruce’s recommendations. Patients put at risk [...]

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Can I Make A Claim For Medical Negligence Against The NHS?

Not a day goes by without the NHS being in the headlines. Stories of medical negligence are never far from our news, but what if it happens to you? Mistakes happen in every profession but when a medical expert makes a mistake, it can be devastatingly life-changing, as well as [...]

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Can I Bring A Claim For Mismanagement Of My Sepsis?

What is sepsis? Sepsis is a rare but serious infection, sometimes referred to as blood poisoning or septicaemia. Sepsis occurs when the immune system cannot cope with localised infection affecting one part of the body and it spreads – putting it simply, the body goes into overdrive.  It generally happens when the immune system is [...]

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Is Mediation a Good Move for Claimants Pursuing a Clinical Negligence Claim? 

Before we dive into the detail of the pros and cons of mediation,  and whether it will help your own clinical negligence claim, let's understand the main issues:- 1) What does mediation mean 2) Where does mediation 'fit' in a claim 3) What is involved in mediation 4)  The major [...]

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Will my doctor say “sorry” to me in my clinical negligence claim?

As a claimant in a potential or a current clinical negligence claim you will probably be looking for many answers when something has gone wrong. You have probably asked for some answers already and may have faced resistance or maybe you have hit a brick wall. Our clients at Truth [...]

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Should I Accept a Pre-Medical Settlement Offer?

So, you’ve received an offer to settle your personal injury claim. And yet you haven’t been to any medical examinations. You have received what’s called a ‘pre-medical offer’. In many ways, this is good news. After all, it is an offer to settle your claim from the people you are [...]

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