The Case Studies section of the site is here to show you the sorts of cases we handle at Truth Legal, and also to help give you an idea of what you might expect in your own case. For each case, we’ve given you a summary of the main points, and our own reaction to the verdict. Click a link below to read a case study.

Armed Robbery at a Convenience Store

A convenience store in Manchester was robbed twice in eleven years. The store was purchased by the Co-op. When the Co-op took over, they removed a security screen in the store. There were then ten armed robberies in five years, during which three female shop workers suffered post-traumatic stress disorder as the robberies were so frightening. Three shop workers sued the Co-op.

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Assaults at work in Manchester Council

At Truth Legal we are concerned about the rise in violence and verbal threats at work particularly in the public sector. We have therefore made some Freedom of Information requests in order to discover whether there is in fact an increase in violence at work. The Manchester Evening News has used our information as the basis for an article.

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Attacked by a Colleague

Mr Weddall was a Deputy Manager of a care home in Norwich. Mr Marsh was a Health Assistant at the care home, and he had a previous conviction for assault. The two men did not get on. One evening in 2006 Mr Weddall was on duty when one of the nightshift employees called in sick. Mr Weddall called Mr Marsh at home to see if he wanted another shift. Unbeknown to Mr Weddall, Mr Marsh had had a bad day and by 6pm was drunk. Mr Marsh thought that Mr Weddall was mocking him.

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Attacked by a Prisoner

A 54-year old prison instructor was attacked by a prisoner who had made previous threats towards him. The prison service admitted that it had failed to act upon the threats and so admitted liability for the attack. The physical impact of the punch to the head caused symptoms which lasted one month.

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Boss Attacked by his Employee

Mr John Wallbank owned Wallbank Fox Designs Limited, a small manufacturing company. Mr Brown was employed to make bed frames at the company. Mr Brown had to load the beds into an oven. Mr Brown was not the most compliant employee. On the previous day, and on the day of the assault, he had had to be reminded to switch on the oven. There was nothing to suggest that “he had a short temper or was in any way vicious”.

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Cyclist Wins Compensation

Truth Legal’s Andrew Gray represented a cyclist who was injured whilst cycling at top speed during a race in the countryside. What caused this excellent cyclist to sustain multiple soft tissue injuries injury was a defective cattle-grid. Cattle-grids can be particularly dangerous to any two-wheeled mode of transport.

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Hit and Run Driver Wins Compensation

Georgina Parkin represented an unfortunate delivery van driver who was stationary at traffic lights in Manchester when his van was slammed into from behind by a negligent, not-looking-where-he-was-going driver, who was probably on his mobile phone as well. After the crash, the car driver apologised and said that they should both pull into somewhere nearby in order to exchange details.

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Injured Escaping a Potentially Violent Situation

The Claimant, Mrs Hadlow, was a 63-year old teacher at Clare Lodge, which is a secure facility for women owned by Peterborough City Council. The young women in the secure facility were there because they were often violent. The policy of the unit was that no member of staff should be left alone with more than two women. The council knew that the teaching assistant who was going to accompany Mrs Hadlow was going to be late for work, but they still put Mrs Hadlow in a locked room with three women, one of whom had been violent on the previous day.

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Teacher attacked by a pupil

A 53-year old teacher was assaulted by her pupil. The teacher was pushed up against a wall by the pupil who then used his bag to strike the teacher’s shoulder. The teacher suffered neck and shoulder injuries lasting 15 months, and suffered post-traumatic stress disorder which badly affected her for 2 years. The teacher was treated by a psychiatrist and an osteopath. As a result of the assault, the teacher was off work for 20 weeks. The teacher suffered repeated nightmares. So distressed she was by the assault that the teacher quit the teaching profession.

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Truth Legal’s Immigration Solicitors Help to Reunite a Loving Couple Just in Time for Christmas

A truly heartwarming success story from Truth Legal’s immigration team. Michelle Lee helped a couple, separated halfway around the world from each other, to complete a partner visa application and reunite in time for Christmas!

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Veterinary Nurse Awarded Compensation Following a Dog Bite

Truth Legal successfully represented a veterinary nurse who, when looking after a sick, dangerous dog, was bitten badly on his hand, when removing a catheter. These things do happen, but the accident was entirely avoidable: the dog was known to be dangerous, but this information was not passed onto the unknowing nurse. Had the nurse been aware that the dog had shown signs of aggression then the nurse would have taken extra precautions when performing a minor procedure on this dangerous dog.

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