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If you have been injured through no fault of your own, we believe that in most cases making a claim for compensation is the logical and morally right thing to do. Many of the cases we take are on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis, and they have two goals. Firstly, to ensure your complete recovery and secondly, the prevention of further accidents. Our team of specialist lawyers have lots of experience with personal injury cases since they have represented many individuals through our offices in Harrogate and London.

We believe that a compensation claim is morally and logically the right thing in most cases for these reasons:

  • By making a claim (regardless of whether you win, lose or settle out of court), you draw attention to what happened to you. If you win or settle, then whoever caused your injuries will be forced to acknowledge that they did something wrong to you. Hence, we aim to secure an apology from the wrongdoer.
  • Whether you win, lose or settle, by making a claim you are making sure other people are less likely to be injured in the future. The deterrent effect of personal injury claims is such that organisations are forced to take seriously their duty to look after their staff and customers. There is a moral obligation on all of us to look after one another: the story of the Good Samaritan. This is known in law as the ‘neighbour principle’ and makes it a legal obligation, as well.
  • If you need NHS treatment or state benefits because of your injury (if and when you win your claim) the wrongdoer is forced to repay all of these costs on your behalf. So, by claiming, you’re saving the state’s money, transferring the financial outlay to an insurance company.
  • You may have been forced to take time off work because of an injury. Therefore, you may not be able to pay your rent or mortgage. If you win your claim, you could seek compensation for your financial losses.
  • To get back to full health you might need money from your claim to pay for private medical treatment such as physiotherapy or counselling.
  • A medical expert may pick up on something that has been missed by your own GP. You will often have access to leading medical experts in the country who will be able to give you a second opinion. Most claimants need to see a medical expert (you don’t pay for this) to prove that they really are injured.

You can make a claim against all sorts of people and organisations, including your employer, another driver, a local council, hospital etc. If we judge that your claim is likely to be successful, then we will offer you a ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement.

‘No win, no fee’ personal injury claims

Truth Legal can handle most types of personal injury claims, usually on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement. We will listen to you, get to know you and we will be honest with you.

There are a number of common errors that claimants make that could affect the outcome of their claim. Find out how to avoid them.

What can you claim for?

We have written a guide to help you understand what you can claim compensation for. Read it for free.

Have your solicitors under-settled your personal injury claim?

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Personal Injury Claims

We specialise in a wide range of personal injury claims, including;

Accident at Work Claims
Industrial Disease Claims
Public Liability Claims
Road Traffic Accident Claims
Assaults & Criminal Injuries Claims
Chronic Pain Claims
Assaulted at Work Claims
Care Home Injury Claims
Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Visit our Claim Types section to find more claims we can help with – for more information please call us on 01423 788 538.

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