A tummy tuck – also known as abdominoplasty – is a cosmetic operation to remove excess fat and skin with a view to firming up and re-shaping the abdomen. It is often carried out when someone has been left with excess skin and fat through rapid weight loss, or after pregnancy.

If you have been given sub-standard care when undergoing a tummy tuck – for example where your surgeon has made mistakes, you were not given proper after-care, or you received insufficient warnings of risk – you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries and losses you’ve suffered as a result.

Truth Legal can help you to understand your legal position. And if you have been the victim of a negligent tummy tuck, our expert solicitors can support and represent you in your claim.

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How a negligent tummy tuck might affect you

As with any type of surgery, it is normal to have discomfort, bruising and scars after the operation. But symptoms which persist beyond a few months or which are particularly painful may be signs that the procedure was not carried out correctly.

Some examples of more serious side-effects are:

  • Infection
  • Blood clots in the lungs
  • Scarring
  • Skin loss or necrosis
  • Numbness or nerve damage
  • Skin discolouration or bleeding under the skin
  • Blood clot in leg

Why make a claim with Truth Legal?

In order to successfully claim compensation for harm caused by tummy tuck operation, you must be able to prove that the organisation (and/or its staff) who carried out the procedure were negligent in some way, and that this directly led to your injuries.

To do this requires evidence, and Truth Legal’s solicitors have the experience and expertise to focus in on the evidence which is crucial for your tummy tuck claim. We can also assist you in getting medical treatment for your injuries.

Truth Legal’s team of experienced clinical negligence solicitors, led by Gary Warriner, have specialist knowledge of cosmetic surgery claims. We can assess your circumstances and advise of the best way forward.

We offer:

  • Specialist technical knowledge and experience – so you can rest assured that your case is in the best hands.
  • Practical advice – tailored to your situation.
  • Strong representation – fighting for the compensation and outcome you deserve.
  • Support and compassion – friendly, knowledgeable professionals on your side through a difficult time.

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