The Green

Find out how the Truth Legal team are helping the environment

We always try and do ‘our bit’ to be green and help the environment, so here are a few things we are proud of at Truth Legal:

We are investing in local woodland and rewilding.

We recycle most things, including confidential shredding, with an external local company and toner.

We have eco-friendly dishwashing tabs.

We turn everything off at the end of the day and only have lights on in the rooms we’re using.

We are sending more emails and documents online rather than by post.

Our printer is a multi-purpose machine, so we only have a limited number of machines running.

We have plants in the office.

We have planted pollinator friendly plants in the Truth Legal garden. These include Nepeta, Salvia, Sanguisorba, Persicaria, Sarcococca and the crab apple trees. The thyme and Erigeron (daisies) bordering the path are also good for pollinators.

We have highlighted through our podcasts local environmental organisations such as Zero Carbon Harrogate and Long Lands Common, both with which we are involved.

We are paper-lite.

We have reusable soup cups in the staff kitchen to help reduce plastic/paper waste.
When our local staff do come into the office they do so mostly by walking or cycling or on public transport, though inevitably cars are still used.

We always try to buy in bulk.

Our waste is taken by Harrogate Borough Council to a state-of-the-art waste management plant at Allerton see for more information. This reduces the amount of waste taken to landfill, whilst also creating biogas.

We use washable face masks instead of disposable.

We ensure no chemicals are used in the garden.

We encourage everyone to be as green as possible in their working environment. Small steps make such a difference and the Truth Legal team have really helped to make our office a brighter, greener and more environmentally friendly place to be.

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