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Sponsor Licence Costs - Everything You Need to Know

Michelle Lee, a solicitor from our Immigration team, covers the costs and expenses you can expect from a sponsor licence application.

Truth Legal Woodland Tour

Truth Legal founder, Andrew Gray, visits the Truth Legal Woodland in Nidderdale, Yorkshire, to show you around the beautiful area.

Will Excess Absences Affect My Naturalisation Application?

Michelle Lee looks at the impact that large numbers of absences can have when applying for naturalisation.

How Long Should I Sponsor My Skilled Worker For?

Immigration solicitor Michelle Lee talks about some of the main considerations when deciding how long to sponsor a skilled worker.

How to Apply for a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence

Louis MacWilliam explains how to apply for a Skilled Work Sponsor Licence in 2021 and beyond.

How to Hire and Sponsor a Thai or Vietnamese Chef

Louis MacWilliam talks about the process for hiring and sponsoring a Thai or Vietnamese chef.

Moving to the UK as the Family Member of a Qualifying British Citizen

Louis MacWilliam talks about moving to the UK as the family member of a qualifying British citizen.

Rant about the whiplash changes from May 2021

Andrew Gray rants about the recent changes in whiplash claims.

How to Sponsor a Senior Care Worker

Michelle explains what the recent changes to the Shortage Occupation List will mean for Senior Care Workers and their sponsors.

How to sponsor a chef under a sponsor licence

Louis MacWilliam, Head of Immigration at Truth Legal discusses with Andrew Gray how to sponsor a chef under a sponsor licence.

How we can work with your firm on immigration cases

Louis talks about the process of working with law firms on immigration cases.

EU nationals and the EU Settlement Scheme

Louis discusses EU nationals and the EU Settlement Scheme with Andrew Gray.

Hiring non-EU nationals: are we entering a golden era of immigration?

Louis and Andrew discuss whether we are entering a golden era for hiring non-EU nationals.

Sponsoring under the Skilled Worker route

Louis MacWilliam, head of immigration at Truth Legal discusses sponsoring under the skilled worker route with Andrew Gray.

Naturalisation and the CSI problem

Louis MacWilliam, head of immigration at Truth Legal, talks about naturalisation and the CSI problem.

How To Apply for a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence

Louis MacWilliam, Head of Immigration at Truth Legal Solicitors, has put together a brief introduction to his popular legal guide, offering advice for anyone looking to apply for a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence.

5 Things Regina IP Got Badly Wrong About UK Immigration Law

In this video, Immigration Solicitor Louis MacWilliam and Immigration Consultant Jennie Chau, discuss 5 things that Regina Ip got badly wrong about UK immigration law.

Andrew Gray reviews The Secret Barrister

Andrew Gray tells us about why we need to read The Secret Barrister by an anonymous author.

Immigration Solicitor, Louis MacWilliam, Discusses Points Based Immigration System on BBC Look North

In February 2020, Louis MacWilliam, Immigration Solicitor at Truth Legal, was interviewed on BBC Look North.

Vanessa Ugatti – The True Worth Expert

In this podcast, Andrew Gray interviews Vanessa Ugatti, The True Worth Expert.

Louis MacWilliam – How to Make a Successful Spouse or Partner Visa Application

In this podcast, Truth Legal’s Head of Immigration, Louis MacWilliam, advises in detail on how to make a successful spouse or partner visa application.

Ann Crighton – Barrister at Law

In this podcast, barrister Ann Crighton talks about cases she has worked on and her path to law.

Rule of Law

Andrew Gray talks about the current prorogation.

Louis MacWilliam - The Basics of Immigration Law

Louis MacWilliam talks about the basics of immigration law and the effect Brexit will have on EU nationals.

Peter Campbell – Medical Expert

In this podcast, Peter Campbell, a consultant orthopeadic surgeon at York Nuffield hospital, talks about his experience of dealing with personal injury and clinical negligence claims.

Functional Medicine With Dr Indra

In this podcast, Dr Indra talks to Andrew Gray about functional medicine and how it can benefit you before you even become ill.

How to protect yourself in unemployment

Tom Hatley, financial adviser, talks to Andrew Gray about how you can protect yourself if you were to become unemployed.

Financial Advice Before An Accident

In this podcast, Tom Hatley, financial adviser, talks about how you should prepare before an accident.

How to make your employees happy

Ashley Heeley is featured on this podcast, talking to Andrew Gray about HR Consultancy and how to keep your employees happy.

All About Wills

Need wills advice? In this podcast, Rachel Roche from Roche Legal tells you everything you need to know about wills.

Why use The Harrogate Solicitors

Andrew Gray, owner of Truth Legal in Harrogate, talks about why you should use an honest, ethical law firm like Truth Legal.

Andrew Gray discusses access to justice

Truth Legal’s Andrew Gray discusses access to justice.

Andrew Gray talking about personal injury lawyers

Andrew Gray talks about personal injury lawyers.

Meet Magdalena Ions, Polish Legal Assistant at Truth Legal

Magda joined Truth Legal solicitors in 2017 and is a Polish legal assistant, assisting our team with Polish enquiries.


Navya is our Head of Employment Law at Truth Legal solicitors in Harrogate and has over 10 years’ experience dealing with complex employment law claims.

Helen Solicitor Video

Helen has over 20 years experience in personal injury claims and is based at the Truth Legal head office in Harrogate.

Catherine Reynolds solicitor video

Catherine is our Chartered Legal Executive at Truth Legal Solicitors in Harrogate. She joined our team in 2017 and assists with personal injury, clinical negligence and employment law claims.

Mirek video

Mirek is a personal injury and employment law specialist at Truth Legal solicitors in Harrogate. He has been providing legal advice to the Polish community since 2008.

Truth Legal Solicitors in Harrogate

We’d like to introduce you to Harrogate solicitors, Truth Legal. We specialise in personal injury, medical negligence and employment claims. We have an honest, ethical approach to law and strive to get the best results for our clients. We have a 5* rating on Trustpilot.

Settlement Agreements From An Employers Perspective

Lynda Fenton from Empact on everything to do with settlement agreements and why they benefit both parties.

The Employment Tribunal Process

Barrister Kevin McNerney describes the employment tribunal process and what you need to do to bring an employment claim.

The Differences Between A Solicitor And A Barrister

Find out the differences between solicitors and barristers from Kevin McNerney – a barrister who specialises in employment law.

Facebook Live Episode 2 – Changing Solicitors

Andrew Gray advises on how to change solicitors when you have an ongoing case.

12 Things You Must Do After An Accident At Work

In Truth Legal’s first podcast, Andrew Gray  offers up 12 useful pieces of advice for what to do when you have had an accident at work.

Truth Legal – Facebook Live Episode 1 – Welcome to Truth Legal

In Truth Legal’s first Facebook Live broadcast, Andrew Gray introduces the Harrogate law firm to a local networking group.

road traffic accidents

Truth Legal specialise in road traffic accidents. In this video, founder Andrew Gray offers some useful advice about what you should do if you have been involved in a road traffic accident.

14 things you should do after being fired

Watch our expert tips from Truth Legal founder, Andrew Gray, for what you should do after being fired.