Fat Transfer Surgery Claims

Claim compensation for an injury following fat transfer surgery

Undergoing fat transfer surgery, like any cosmetic procedure, involves trusting your surgeon and healthcare providers to take care of you. If they have let you down, and not provided the standard of care that the law requires of them, you may have a claim for compensation.

Sub-standard care can take many forms; it could be mistakes made by the surgeon during the fat transfer procedure, poor pre- or post-operative care, or a failure to properly explain the risks that you were facing.

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Negligent fat transfer surgery

Fat transfer surgery differs from liposuction in that it uses fat taken from other parts of the body to restore volume and shape to the areas in question. Common areas for fat transfer surgery to be carried out are the breasts, buttocks or face, while fat is often transferred from the thighs or abdomen.

As you might expect, the risks associated with fat transfer are similar to those surgical procedures involving liposuction, breast reduction and breast augmentation. While all of these procedures are relatively safe, there are always risks associated with any kind of surgery.

However, you will have a claim for compensation in situations where level of care provided by your healthcare professionals did not meet the required standard – and as a result, you suffered harm. Harm will include injuries, psychological suffering, and how these have affected your life. Additionally, other losses can be included in a claim if they were incurred because of your injury – such as loss of earnings and treatment costs.

Common injuries that can result from negligent fat transfer surgery include:



Blood clots

Nerve problems

Abnormal shaping

Damage to abdominal organs

Fatty tissue

Deep vein thrombosis

Fluid accumulation

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