We are a nation of dog lovers, with an estimated nine million dogs being kept as pets in the UK. However, while most dogs are harmless, friendly and well-trained, some are unpredictable and some owners are more responsible than others. So if you encounter an aggressive dog and are injured in the process, through no fault of your own, you are likely to be entitled to seek compensation for your injuries.

Being attacked by a dog can leave both physical and mental scars, particularly if you are young or vulnerable. We have experienced solicitors at Truth Legal who understand the physical and mental trauma that may have resulted from this attack, and they can talk to you sympathetically about your case and your circumstances.

Who Do I Contact When Bitten By A Dog?

While it might be difficult to think logically in the immediate aftermath of being bitten by a dog, there is a process you need to go through. But we can help you with all the actions you need to take. You need to seek medical attention, you need to contact the police to report the attack and you need to gather evidence that the dog owner was negligent, this may involve speaking to any witnesses of the attack and witnesses who know the dog, wherever possible.

Once you have received full medical attention we will need to assess whether there is likely to be a viable claim. We have solicitors experienced in handling dog biting claims, so we know how an incident can affect you and what compensation you deserve, and through our network of offices in London (unmanned), Manchester (unmanned), Harrogate and York (unmanned) we have the resources to advise on all different types of incident.

What Can I Claim For When Bitten By A Dog?

You can claim for any costs incurred in relation to your medical treatment, such as transport costs, plus any costs of painkillers or subsequent loss of earnings as a result of your injuries as well as any care and assistance. In many cases the dog owner will have pet insurance, so as a solicitors we can assist by liaising with the insurers in order to claim damages.

If you contact us today via our short 60 second online claims process we can start your claim and assist you in contacting the police, gathering witness evidence and liaising with your employer to discuss loss of earnings and your return to work. Please get in touch by clicking here.

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