Clinical Negligence

Your GP is often the first place you go to when you’re not feeling quite right. They are frequently the first step of diagnosis, trained to identify a wide variety of different injuries and conditions. Part of their role is also to recognise when to refer patients to specialist medical practitioners.

But if a GP gets it wrong, a medical condition could get worse, or you might suffer some other kind of physical or psychological harm. If so, you may be able to bring a clinical negligence claim for compensation.

We all know mistakes can happen, but if a GP’s behaviour falls short of their professional standards, and this causes you harm, then you are entitled to seek compensation. In drastic situations, you might suffer long-term or even life-threatening consequences. All because you placed trust in your GP and they were negligent.

Common GP negligence claims

There are a number of ways GP negligence can occur. These include:

  • misdiagnosis
  • late diagnosis of an injury or condition
  • failing to take proper account of your medical history
  • conducting an inadequate examination
  • making mistakes with medication or prescriptions
  • failing to diagnose or arrange further investigation of serious conditions, such as:
    • cancer
    • meningitis
    • brain haemorrhages
    • unstable angina (which can lead to cardiac arrests)

Making a compensation claim against a GP

Whether the GP is a private practitioner or they work for the NHS, you can claim compensation if they have been negligent. GPs working for the NHS are not sued personally. Claims are brought against the relevant NHS body they work for instead. Private practitioners or those working for independent GP practices will often have insurance against clinical negligence claims.

All GP negligence claims require specialist skill to get right, however. There are often complex issues in dispute, which require medical evidence and legal experience to resolve.

Using Truth Legal to make your GP negligence claim

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Clinical Negligence

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