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A disciplinary procedure is put into motion when an employer is unhappy with an employee’s personal or professional conduct. It is usually considered to be the best way for an employer to inform an employee of their disapproval and it gives an employer the opportunity to explain what their requirements are in order to rectify the situation. A disciplinary procedure must be put into writing.

Before going down the route of disciplinary action, it is important that an employer attempts to raise the matter informally with the employee in the first instance. This helps to try and resolve the issue quickly and it can be very effective. However, in cases where an informal chat does not result in an amicable resolution, disciplinary action may be the only option.

When you get to this stage, having expert employment law advice on hand is essential in making sure the disciplinary process is fair and lawful. You should consider speaking with a trusted employment firm, like Truth Legal, that can help.

At Truth Legal, we have leading employment lawyer Navya Shekhar who has over 10 years experience providing expert legal advice to businesses of all sizes across the UK. Navya is supported by an experienced employment team in our Harrogate office.

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